Keith R. Brinkman serving with Mercy Ships. This is another way for me to communicate with you all what is happening. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and entries.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Site Visits Tenegar Aug 26 Well Tenegar

During our visit to the off ship ministry sites, I stopped and we visited with Paul Waldron who is our leader for Water and Sanitation. They are working currently on finishing up some new wells and some rehabilitation of water wells in Royesville and Tenegar. A friend who was with our group this day took a few photos and so I am posting a couple here.

Site Visits Tenegar Aug 26 Well Site

As part of my role on board, I host some groups of guests to see some of our activities at our off ship ministry sites. We also try to offer this for the general crew and I hosted the group this last week. We are near Tenegar at a community where Paul (in the blue) and Boakai are working with the community for a new water well. The kids I am talking to are ones I have met previously.

Visit Aug 9 Dental

While at the orphanage, we were able to do some dental screening. My last time serving with the dental clinic was years ago, but I have the trust of the children and so I had the flashlight (torch) and would reassure the child and then write down anything that Dr. Toni saw that needs to be addressed. Out of 47, 12 of them need some care - restorations (fillings) and some extractions. There are only two or three dentists in the entire nation of Liberia - through our dental clinic - we are hoping to serve over 6,000 adults and children.

Visit Aug 9 Dental Care

On Saturday, August 9th, while visiting the Liberia Children's Rescue Education Foundation Orphanage (one that I visit regularly), we brought Dr. Toni who is one of the ship's short term dentist. She was willing to come on her day off to do some screening of the children. None of the children, teens or staff have ever been to a dentist. Mercy Ships has a dental clinic set up at a local hospital providing free dental care for the people of Liberia. In this photo is Owin, who just turned five years old.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sharing at Chapel @ Alfred & Agnes

During our visit to the Alfred & Agnes orphanage, the director, Jerome, had gathered the children and teens and some of the staff together at the Chapel. I shared briefly about why we were here and introductions and shared regards from Dr. Keith in the UK. My friend and our photographer Esther shared a song with them, but I told them they should be thankful that I don't sing - would not be a pleasant sound!

Visit to an orphanage with our interin CEO and family

I had the privilege of taking our interin CEO and his family, who are visiting with us on the ship for three weeks, to one of the local orphanages - Alfred & Agnes Memorial Orphanage in Brewerville. This is an orphanage that one of our board members from the UK is heavily involved with and I have been there many times myself.