Keith R. Brinkman serving with Mercy Ships. This is another way for me to communicate with you all what is happening. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and entries.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sharing about Adopt-A-Patient

For our Open Hospital night, I was asked to share in one of the wards about the Adopt-A-Patient program. In the photo I am explaining how you can select a patient from the IV Tube Poles - one for men, one for women and one for children. I encouraged the crew to take on the challenge, sharing from my personal experiences.

Caribbean Mercy Crew Reunion

CBM Reunion Photo
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Photo of a reunion of the former Caribbean Mercy crew - long and short term who are now serving on the m/v Africa Mercy. Eric T and Joyce S arrived just after we took this photo. We enjoyed fellowship together on the deck of the m/v Anastasis while she was still here in Liberia.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Final Departure - m/v Anastasis

Today, I witnessed the final departure of the m/v Anastasis from Freeport, Monrovia, Liberia as she left for India with 39 crew members. We have sold the ship to a company in NW India where they will recycle the ship as scrap metal. We have had the Anastasis since 1978 and so it was hard to see her go.

Lifebuoy Ring - m/v Anastasis

Yesterday was my final day on the m/v Anastasis, I walked around and said my Goodbyes and decided I wanted a photo with the lifebuoy - Anastasis - Valletta (city in Malta as that is where the ship was registered).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hospital Open House - 'my surgery'

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Do you ever wish to be a surgeon? Well we had the opportunity to dress like a surgeon, nurse and/or patient. In this photo, I am the patient and I have 3, yes that is right 3 surgeons - Joyce Samuels, Caleb and Comfort - all taking good care of me. This is the operating room/theatre that will be used primarily for orthopaedics.

Hospital Open House 'my suture lessons'

Last night the Health Care Services Department had an Open 'House' in the hospital on board the Africa Mercy. All of the crew were able to see the various rooms and spaces, from the 6 operating theatres to the lab, pharmacy, the 5 wards, CT Scan room, XRay room. In one of the ORs we were able to receive lessons in suturing and so my teacher and OR Supervisor Kylie B from New Zealand gave me lessons in 3 types of sutures. I can't say I did very well.

International Lounge on the Africa Mercy

Int'l Lounge AFM
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Our International Lounge is used for our weekly community meetings, our times of devotions, prayer and communications and project reporting times and other large meetings. This is also where we host the Heads of States and others who come to visit the ship and to learn more of the ministry. Both the Anastasis and Caribbean Mercy had International Lounges, but not this large.

Cabin 4236 Photo Wall & Desk

Another photo of my new home - my family wall with my parents and my grandparents - my desk for my computer and printer. And of course my initials with the letters K R B from Guatemala. We use magnets to attach things to the walls - no nails or screws.

Cabin/Home on the Africa Mercy

Cabin 4236 Bed & Porthole
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Photo of my cabin, new home, on the Africa Mercy, #4236 - on Deck 4 the main accomodations deck - on the port side (left) and in the aft portion of the ship (back part-actually the last one in the hall).

Ships at Sunset in Monrovia

AFM ANA at sunset
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Beautiful picture taken by a friend of both of the Anastasis on the left and the Africa Mercy on the right at sunset here in Monrovia, Liberia.

Don and Fredene Scott

Don and Fredene
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Wedding photo of my friends Don and Fredene (Bishop) Scott who joined in marriage on the 9th of June in Washington State. I have known Fredene for years for when she came to serve on the Caribbean Mercy and then we served together on the Anastasis. Don was served with Mercy Ships at the Canadian National Office and then came to both the Anastasis in Ghana and the Africa Mercy in England. We are excited for them both.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Last Supper on ANA

Last Supper on ANA
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Sunday night we had the last supper on the m/v Anastasis. Our menu included roast beef, gravy, roasted potatoes, broccoli, carrots and dessert of chocolate cake or upside down pineapple cake. They had various old pictures of the m/v Anastasis, the Victoria when she was a cruise ship to Asia in the 60’s and 70’s. Starting tomorrow, all meals will be on the Africa Mercy even for those who still live on the Anastasis. Clementine (Ghana/Togo), Brenda (South Africa) and Sherry (US) are in the photo.

Gaye Town Medical Clinic

Children Around the Medical Clinic
Photo of some of the children who live nearby to the medical clinic. I sat with them during lunch and afterwards – the game was how many kids can sit on my lap – some were grapping my t-shirt to avoid falling off. We had fun and they wanted their picture taken.

Gaye Town Medical Clinic Work Day

I spent Saturday with Rene Tolno, our project team leader, working at the medical clinic we are constructing in Gaye Town. This project is in partnership with Gracie Reeves Memorial Baptist Church who has been operating a basic medical clinic one day a week from their church building. This clinic will allow more services to the people in the community. We are anticipating completion later this month. Rene was my boss man and had me painting, cleaning flooring and driving to the hardware store for more paint, tiles and screws.