Keith R. Brinkman serving with Mercy Ships. This is another way for me to communicate with you all what is happening. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and entries.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

President of Togo visits the Hospital

The President of Togo visited the hospital of the Africa Mercy. In this photo, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gary Parker, explains about the different types of surgeries that we are doing this year for the Togolese people.

President Faure GNASSINGBE Addresses the Crew & Guests

During the visit of the President of Togo - Faure GNASSINGBE, he addressed the crew and invited guests in our International Lounge. He shared how he was moved while visiting the hospital on deck 3. He has just won re-election for another five year term - for an election that was without violence.

Don Stephens welcoming the President of Togo

Don & Deyon Stephens have been with us and on their Day #1 - Don welcomed the President of Togo - Faure GNASSINGBE to the Africa Mercy for his first official visit. We are here ministering in this nation with this permission, invitation and request.

Easter Sunday He is Risen!


Easter Sunday Cross in Int'l Lounge

Our community came together on Easter Sunday morning to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Easter Sunday Dining Room

Our dining room and galley staff are amazing! This photo taken by a friend showing some of the great bakery goods and fruit for our special Easter brunch.

Friday, April 02, 2010

KRB Update #2153 April 2, 2010
Keith R. Brinkman Mercy Ministries - Togo 2010

For us in Programs on the Africa Mercy, we have the activities of the Hospital, Off Ship Programs and Mercy Ministries. I would like to use this update and share with you some of the Mercy Ministry opportunities and partnerships we have for Togo 2010. Ines Kronester is our coordinator on board and she does a great job in assessment, oversight and leading several of the activities herself. Mercy Ministries provides off-ship ministry opportunities for crew working alongside existing ministries demonstrating hope and healing to those who can’t be reached and helped through our onboard services. They are available to all crew on a Sign-Up basis.

Some of the opportunities include:
** Missionaries of Charity in Kpalime – HIV/AIDS hospice for primarily female, but they have some men and children - visit one-on-one, crafts, Bible lessons, etc.
** Poupomniere – a place with approximately 50 abandoned, orphaned, half orphaned babies & toddlers – a time to love on some little ones and to play and sing.
** Ephata Deaf School – private school – 125 students during the week along with about 40 ‘boarders’ whose families live far away and thus the boys stay there. They use American Sign Language due to the visit of a US missionary many years ago.
** Avenir Enface – weekend center for about 50 HIV orphans – a time of singing/dancing, Biblical lesson, crafts and fun/play activities inside and outside. I joined the team at this site the Saturday before last and even though we were a bit limited due to language, it was a great time with some special kids.
** Maison Bethel Orphanage – cares for 35 children – we visit on Saturday mornings sharing a Biblical story, craft time and of course singing with all the hand and body motions.
** Brigade Mineur – youth detention center for boys 14-17 years old – limited to only activities inside as it is a detention center.
** Youth With A Mission (YWAM) – assistance with home work and music lessons with 35 community children plus a monthly activity on the last Sunday of the month. See photo -- > I joined them this past Sunday for this activity – great time with them as we shared about Palm Sunday. We had palm leafs to wave as some of the children re-enacted the story of Jesus coming into Jerusalem and then we showed how to make the palm leaf into a cross.
** Campus Crusade – Jesus Film in French for adults and for children and also in Ewe – the language spoken by over 1 million Togolese people. Starting on Tuesday evening.
** Hospital CHU – visits to the 3 pediatric wards at the large government/university hospital – about 30 patients and caregivers in each ward. This is in partnership with YWAM and Assembly of God.
** IMPP Special Needs School – visits to a school with about 50 special needs children – children’s lessons, crafts, playing games, sports and having fun and loving on the children.Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support for this field service and throughout the year.